What is RMRA?

We are the governing authority for several entities and events available to the community of Roscommon. We monitor and govern the operation of the CRAF Center, AuSable River Center, Gahagan Nature Center, and MetroPark.

We are dedicated to providing quality recreation programs for residents and visitors of all ages. Working in conjunction with other groups the Authority has community activities and programs planned year around. The RMRA itself maintains Tisdale Triangle, Metro Park, and is responsible for overall function of the CRAF Center.

Current Board

The current RMRA board has been appointed since 2012. The board consists of:

  • Sue Jock-Chair
  • Derek Smitz-Co-chair
  • Connie Allen-Secretary
  • Pam Miller-Treasurer
  • Eric Hart
  • Karrie Williams

Contact Information


The Roscommon Metropolitan Park Authority was formed on June 4, 1969 under the auspice of Higgins Township and the Village of Roscommon. The Roscommon Metropolitan Recreation Authority was formed in 1969 under the auspice of Higgins Township and the Village of Roscommon. At that time the property consisted of an eight acre parcel two blocks from the county court house. The park contains three baseball diamonds, newly renovated playground, a pavilion and restrooms with future park renovations planned in the near future.

In recent years the Authority has added additional property to its responsibility. The C.R.A.F. Center was added in 1993, the Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve in 1995 and the AuSable River Center in 1998.