Metro Park

In 2012 the Village of Roscommon along with the Roscommon Metropolitan Recreation Authority (RMRA) developed the Park, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan for 2012-2017. This plan took 6 months to produce and is a full inventory of Roscommon demographics and recreation needs. In July, 2012 the RMRA appointed a new board which is actively working on community recreation needs.

The goals of the RMRA are to totally renovate the area within the park where the courts and playground currently sit.

Small image of the most recent playground plans
Plans for the new playground

Our New Playground ~ Completed!

Our playground was completed in 2015 and we are excited to have this new playground available for our area residents and visitors. The new playground is located at MetroPark. Our playground area increased from 4,000 to 12,000sq.ft, and includes age related play equipment. Along with the renovations a grant was obtained from the Michigan Township Participating Plan. These funds were utilized to install a six channel security system that allows 24 hour surveillance in attempts to reduce vandalism and monitor child safety.

Please, visit the playground and see for yourself.

Many thanks to our community, donations, and volunteers for making it happen.

View the Plans of the Playground (PDF)

Other MetroPark Goals:

This year, 2017, is the year for further planned park improvements and renovations. Contact the RMRA or a board member to be part of the planning and development process. Currently future plans include:

  • Basketball court and possible tennis court
  • Small scale water park
  • Improvement